About Us

Waukee.com is an initiative of  Keith Klein.

Keith is the owner of OnYourMark, a web design, programming, hosting and internet marketing company based in Menomonee Falls.  OnYourMark provides reliable solutions for all online marketing needs.  The team is comprised of internet experts who are able to take you to the next level and keep you on top of the latest changes and trends. We are web developers who make you look like the kind of company people want to deal with, and marketing professionals who’ll make sure your website is a dynamic and productive part of your business. Our staff is a blend of youth and experience – providing cutting edge knowledge and old-fashioned wisdom.

Keith is the author of WebForging, A Practical Guide to the Art of Forging Your Web Presence.   This 242 page guide is written in non-geek speak for business owners and managers, and for the folks in charge of sales and marketing at their companies. IT people who are given the responsibility for their company website will find it quite useful, too.

Finally, Keith has been organizing Wisconsin Business Owners since 2004.  As of July, 2016, we’re over 1,400 members strong.  In addition, Keith is a network director at u.s. referrals.  Both groups are all about developing deeper personal and professional relationships, learning, and networking.

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